We Believe

Their love is unconditional

Pets are family, too! Can you imagine having to give up a sibling or parent because they needed care that you couldn’t afford? Well, that happens every day with pets and their people – people who are retired, have lost their jobs, are facing life’s challenges – and just need a little help to protect the special bond they share with their pet.  Harley’s Hope is here to assist during those difficult times. We do this because at Harley’s Hope, we believe their love is unconditional.

Our Services

Keeping pets & people together

We at Harley’s Hope offer a variety of services designed to help keep pets in their existing homes.  Our core services are financial assistance with major veterinary care, and additional help for seniors and their companions.

*Unfortunately we can’t pay pre-existing vet bills or expenses.
You can find resources for other types of assistance here.

Everyone needs a little help sometimes

If you have a pet in your life, you may find yourself in need of help at some point.  Safety net agencies, like Harley’s Hope, exist specifically to provide that support.  We do not do pet adoptions, we are not an animal rescue or shelter – we provide programs to keep your pet in their home.  Why is this important?  Besides preserving that amazing human-animal bond, too many animals continue to lose their homes every year, roughly 1 million alone due to their persons’ financial challenges.  Rather than see these pets become homeless and add to the millions of pets entering the shelter system each year, we choose instead to focus on preserving existing relationships.

Featured Stories

Happy pets make happy people


Medical Assistance

Surviving being hit by a car

Medical Assistance

Eye surgery for a stray.

Sophie and Romeo
Medical Assistance

Help provided for dogs while mom undergoes her own treatment

The stories vary, but the smiles are all the same. When we’re able to keep people with their pets, they both thrive.

Pet Parent Assistance

Helping a pet parent keep their pet


Medical Assistance

Infection and more treated

Medical Assistance

Older pup saved after tumor removed

The effectiveness of our work can be seen in more detail on the “Who we’ve helped” section of the About Us page.

Keep Pets & People Together

Get help. Give help.

Emergency surgery saves a pig’s life.