Emergency Foster Care

Call before you apply

Foster care placement is contingent upon available space and proof that your animal is healthy and socialized. We require at least 24 hours’ notice upon receipt of your application and all the required information in order to arrange for foster care.

Call us: 719-495-6083
Hours: M-F 10:00am – 5:00pm

Emergency foster care limitations

Please read before applying

Emergency foster care is provided for pet parents who are hospitalized or recovering from a medical procedure.  We may be able to help in short-term emergencies such as out-of-state family emergencies, but can no longer assist with housing issues. If we take your animal into foster care and you fail to stay in touch or reclaim your pet at the agreed upon date, HHF will surrender custody of the animal to a local shelter or rescue for rehoming.  We expect you to provide your animals’ food, litter, any medications. All animals coming into emergency foster care must be current on vaccinations, in good health (some chronic health conditions may be accepted), and be well socialized.  We cannot accept pets with severe separation anxiety, a history of biting or attacking, or aggression towards other animals.

•  Dogs fostered in a boarding facility – maximum 30 days
•  Dogs or cats in a foster home – maximum 60 days

Application for assistance

Only complete applications will be reviewed.