What type of help do you need?

Take a few minutes to understand different qualifications and requirements for the services you’re requesting.   This helps make sure we can help as many pets and people as possible.

Emergency veterinary assistance

Harley’s Hope funds are for treatment only. We do not cover the cost of diagnosing medical issues, so candidates must have already received a diagnosis, treatment plan, and survival prognosis of fair or better to qualify.

COVID-19 programs

Dog & cat food delivery

Free food and the delivery to high-risk pet parents sheltering in place and those who are quarantined due to exposure or caring for an ill loved one.

  • Colorado Resident
  • Resident of El Paso, Teller, or Pueblo Counties

(719) 495-6083

Medication vouchers for chronically ill pets

Vouchers up to $150 towards the purchase of medication.

  • Able to prove their financial hardship is due to Covid 19
  • History of providing medications for pets.
Drive-Up Pet Food Pantries
To assist those pet parents who are not high-risk, but are struggling financially, HHF will be offering drive-up Pet Pantries.
Due to weather, the May Pet Food Pantry has been cancelled.

Church for All Nations parking lot 6540 Templeton Gap Rd.

Additional services & resources

For senior services, pet-food assistance, and other services, please fill out our online form or call our offices.

Foster care

Call before submitting an application. Foster care placement is contingent upon available space and proof that your animal is healthy and socialized.

Service animal aid fund

Special consideration is given to medical service animals living in Colorado as long as they meet the Americans with Disabilities Act definition of a service animal. See https://www.ada.gov/service_animals_2010.htm for more information.

To apply, follow the steps outlined for each requested service and check the box when asked if you have a service animal. 

Other resources

For older pet parent services, pet food assistance, and other services, please fill out our online form or call our offices.

Do you need help for yourself?

Do you need help for yourself in addition to your pet? If so, complete our application for your animal, then reach out to our Community Outreach Coordinator at communityoutreach@harleys-hopefoundation.org or fill out the referral form below and a representative from Unite Colorado will be in touch with you for additional help with human needsDO NOT COMPLETE THIS FORM FOR HELP WITH YOUR PET.  THE APPLICATIONS FOR VETERINARY ASSISTANCE AND EMERGENCY FOSTER CARE MAY BE FOUND ABOVE.

Frequently asked questions

What applicants need to know before applying

To see if you’re a good candidate for care, please review our checklist on the application page.

If approved for assistance, you will receive no more than $500 per animal. No one is guaranteed $500 – rewards vary based on number of cases pending and available resources. If the estimate for treatment exceeds HHF’s award, it is your responsibility to apply for and secure additional funding BEFORE HHF funding will be released to the service provider; veterinarian, training facility, boarding facility, etc. We DO NOT release funds directly to you.

If approved for funding for veterinary assistance, the procedure must begin within 21 days of approval. We cannot and do not hold funding as we receive applications and inquiries on a daily basis.

If you have found a stray and know that you cannot afford care, please take that animal to a reputable animal shelter or rescue. These facilities have the resources to provide care and to re-home adoptable animals.

Please note: If you have found an ill or injured stray and decide to keep it knowing you can’t provide care, that may be considered animal abuse and you may be subject to fines by animal control for not seeking help for the animal.

Unfortunately, no. While we wish we could help everyone, we receive far more requests for help than funding. Even if you apply for help we recommend checking our pet resources directory for additional options and programs.

No. If you are dealing with a veterinary emergency, it is your responsibility to get your animal to a veterinary provider and to pay to determine diagnosis and prognosis for survival. Our funding is for treatment of survivable conditions only.

If you have not provided your animal with routine veterinary care in more than 24 months, we will not consider your application. Animals require care in order to remain healthy. If one human year equals roughly 7 dog/cat years, then missing check-ups for even one year is the equivalent of you not seeing a doctor or dentist for seven years. By the time an animal shows obvious symptoms of distress or pain, it may already be too late.

Yes. We are only accepting applications from Colorado residents at this time.